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where Tuscany becomes your home

Borgo San Niccolò

An exclusive village a few minutes from the city of Volterra dalla Volterra

The scrupulous care in the choice of materials, the careful design of spaces designed to fully enjoy the richness of the surrounding area and the deep respect for the existing biodiversity; clues that portend the extraordinary value of a project that embraces the authenticity of the place and declines it with mastery in architecture and landscape.

Tradition and modernity combine to create elegant atmospheres of serene tranquillity.

The choice of materials, technological solutions and the layout of the rooms complies with the desire for calm and relaxation that suits a villa designed for a high quality of living.

Living by the lake
it is an inexhaustible pleasure that lulls the mind and restores the soul.

The eight wonders

Discover the eight wonders

Villa Alba

Villa L'Acacia

Villa Il Poggio

Villa Paradiso

Villa dei Pini

Villa Primavera

Villa del Lago

Villa d'Era

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