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A magical place

Every place has its own spirit that each of us can grasp and savour, a spirit that manifests itself in detail in this corner of Tuscany: the enveloping scent of wild flowers, the melodious song of birds at dusk, the warmth of the sun gently kissing the fields.

Every stone, every tree, every ray of light seems to tell an ancient story, the story of a land universally appreciated and recognized.
In this place, the Genius Loci becomes a tangible presence, a complex interweaving of history, culture and natural beauty that captures the soul of anyone who ventures along its paths. A place that speaks a silent language, which demands listening and respect. And here, at the foot of Volterra, this language is expressed with unparalleled grace and charm in the Borgo San Niccolò, where eight exclusive villas are set in a landscaped setting with attention to every detail to offer an experience that deserves to be lived. 

A few minutes

from the city of Volterra

In the valley that leads from Volterra to the Arno, Borgo San Niccolò presents itself as an opportunity for those who want to become part of a Tuscany that is increasingly offering itself positively to the honours of the news: the recent discovery of the Roman amphitheatre that is added to the infinite historical wonders of Volterra, the Teatro del Silenzio of Lajatico, the “home” of Andrea Bocelli that every year offers events able to attract visitors from all over the world, the open-air museum of Peccioli, the dozens of events that animate the small towns that dot a territory that already at the time of the Etruscan civilization had to present itself as a crossroads of exchanges and interests between the peoples of the Mediterranean, tell of a territory that is able to unite tradition and innovation in the sign, increasingly important, of a high quality of life.

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